How it Works

How it Works

About the Company:

As an e-commerce affiliate startup, Win@9 partners with trustworthy brands and merchants to bring exciting, innovative and fun games to its users. We provide the latest and the most authentic deals and coupons to our consumers which are worth a lot more than the entry fee.


Win@9 works on a transparent concept: A player can learn about a product or a service and answer questions about it. It is an educative initiative that makes consumers aware of the products available in the market while also allowing them to access these products through coupons, reduced prices and other offers.

Game Rules:

Users can participate in each game only once a month by paying a nominal fee for entry. Each month, the user can participate in a maximum of 9 games.

Winners are selected by our computer software at random and declared at the end of every month. For further queries, you can visit our FAQ section.

How is it a win-win for all?

Win@9 engages only in quality B2B partnerships. Our partners are trusted names in the industry with a high demand for their products and services. Through a partnership with Win@9, companies can increase their revenue, market reach and brand awareness at a small percentage of regular marketing costs.

For our consumers, it is a chance to grab deals and discounts, worth more than the entry fee from these sought after companies and make the most of it. Over and above the coupons that are guaranteed with every win, they get a chance to win a grand prize each month!

Secure Payments and Data

Win@9 follows a very strict data privacy policy through which our website has been firmly secured. We ensure that all payment-related and other information of our users is secure.

Why should you trust us?

Win@9 maintains customer-centric, high-quality standards and partners with brands that are well-established and sell products with an excellent standard.